And the winners are....(to be published ONLY after Monday, 12th May 2014)

Best Prop and Set Design
Axel Tan Jing Zhi & Nikisha Tan-Mishra
Class 2-09 (2014)

Best Visual Effects
'A Father's Secret'
Ho Jia Wei
Darie Chan Rong Zhi
Class 2-09 (2014)

Best Supporting Actress
Kok Li Ying
Class 2-09 (2014)

Best Supporting Actor
'Bond With Us'
Class 2-08 (2014)

Best Actress
Alicia Lim Hui Suan
'Only If'
Class 2-08 (2014)

Best Actor
Mohamad Taufiq
'Do You Miss Me?'
Class 2-04 (2014)

Best Script
Reese Nicole Huang, Clarie Sng
Class 2-03 (2014)

Best Story
'Only If'
Ki Misu, BeerakaVijayakumar Lakshitha
Class 2-08 (2014)

Best Directing
Marcus Choy, Veena Dinesh Wadhwani
Class 2-05 (2014)

Best Short Film
'Do you miss me?'
Class 2-04 (2014)

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